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Trading the Forex market has become as accessible as ever, with an abundance of brokers around the world and over $5 trillion per day being traded.

Art of FX is run by Traders, for Traders. We have been through every up and down in the business, coming out each time stronger and smarter than before. Let our experience become yours and allow us to teach you how to become a successful trader.

  • Follow seasoned, professional Traders in our Live Trading Room. Watch our Live Screen Share, chat with our Traders and other members and receive Trade Calls from our professionals.
  • Get taught effective concepts and strategies that work in all types of markets and environments.
  • If undertaking the journey to become a Trader is too much yet you still want to get involved, enquire about our Managed Fund.


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What is Art of FX?

Art of FX is a Fund Management and Trading company that specializes in the Forex and Commodity markets.

With two decades of experience and over US$10 million under management, the team at Art of FX not only strives to create a better financial future for its clients, but to teach aspiring Traders how to make money in the market.


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