About Art of FX

Hello, my name is Brian Jimerson, and I have been trading forex for 7 years. Throughout my journey, much like you, I have scoured the internet for useful information and profitable strategies. While there is a lot of free information on the internet, it is very hard to make it applicable to everyday trading without having the knowledge to do so. Sure, I can read up on 20 strategies a day but can I apply it to the market? Even more so, will I have the discipline it takes to be successful with that system? Chances are no. I have tried literally 100's of systems since I started trading and let me tell you from experience. Most of it is junk. People selling you programs and education for thousands of dollars that you think is the ticket to your financial freedom, just to get it, read it, and realize you're in the same exact place as you were before you bought it.

When I had the idea for Art of FX I wanted to truly be able to help those that did not have the time and money to pay thousands of dollars and then spend 100's of hours trying to make what you paid for successful. My goal has been to create a personable platform that even the newest of traders would be able to understand and apply to their trading. The Art of FX trading room is unlike any other you have seen and will catapult you to success without having to put in 100's of hours a week. After all, most of you im sure have day jobs, night jobs, just other jobs in general that do not allow you to be involved in this business the way it takes to be successful. For those of you that are looking for a completely hands off experience I offer a trade copier system that will allow your account to make the same trades that I am making on a daily basis. Thats right. You can be completely hands off and create the same returns as I do without having to lift a finger. When the website was created I created an Art of FX account with a verified Myfxbook link so that everyone could see and keep up with the progress it was making day to day. The live performance can be found on our performance page.